03 April 2011

Hello April!

I can't believe it's already been over four months since I left the United States.  As for my travels this weekend, I decided to take a short trip to Pohang ( 포항 ), which is located on the east coast.  I actually found my way to the easternmost point on the South Korean mainland.  This was a relatively uneventful trip as I just took a stroll along the beach before making my way to Homigot Sunrise Square.

Walking along the coast
I headed to Daegu after I woke up to catch a bus to Pohang, which is only about an hour and fifteen minute ride.  From Pohang I caught a bus to Guryongpo ( 구룡포 ) and rather than wait an hour and twenty minutes for the bus, I decided to take a stroll along the ocean to get to Homigot ( 호미곳 ).  Homigot is the most eastern point on the South Korean mainland and for this reason it is a very popular place to watch the sunrise.  It is particularly famous for its Sunrise Square, which features two bronze, hand-shaped statues.  One is on land and the other is in the Sea of Japan.  I wish the weather had been a little nicer so I could have gotten some better pictures, but they turned out pretty nice nonetheless.

In the water
Sunrise Square
Homigot Lighthouse, which is the largest lighthouse in Korea, and the Lighthouse Museum are also located right next to the plaza.

Homigot Lighthouse
Overall, it was a pretty laid back day, which I think was needed after my trip to Seoraksan.  The flowers are finally starting to bloom in the southern regions of the peninsula, so I'll probably be heading down south for the next couple of weekends.  Springtime can make for some amazing pictures, so I'm really looking forward to visiting more temples over the next month or so.

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  1. Dude those hand pictures are a mind trip. It's like Atlas broke through accidentally.